San Francisco police dismantled the Occupy SF camp at Justin Herman Plaza early Wednesday morning, arresting dozens of protesters in the process.

Riot police arrived shortly after 1 a.m. and gave campers a five minute warning to clear out of the plaza, which they have occupied since October.

After the five minutes were up, police began tearing down tents at the site.

Many of the protesters said the “surprise raid” left them no time to gather their personal belongings, which were also tossed into a dump truck. The Department of Public Works said that campers can gather their personal belongings on Wednesday afternoon and later this week.

Soon after the raid began, protesters gathered in the street and were met by a line of officers on Market Street.

San Francisco Police Chief Greg Suhr said that about 70 arrests were made, including two for alleged aggravated assault. He said most of the people arrested were because they were blocking Market Street at various times throughout the early morning hours, including at times, sitting in the middle of the street.

A smaller group of occupiers gathered on Market Street Wednesday afternoon and said they plan to hold another rally at 6 p.m in the vicinity of Justin Herman Plaza. Although the next course of action is unknown at this time, many in the group said that they will once again occupy Justin Herman Plaza.