The Cave Singers are back with their Northwestern blend of boot-stomp and bar room bellow to bring a little warmth and light to this bleak midwinter.

Hailing from the outskirts of Seattle, The Cave Singers have delivered solid collections of vamped-up folk since 2007 when Derek Fudesco of the late Pretty Girls Make Graves moved on to form the group with Pete Quirk of Hint Hint and Marty Lund of Cobra High.

The band projects a sense of relatibilty, the lines are simple and the compositions, especially on their latest No Witch (Jagjaguwar), are as close to austere as can be without sounding empty in the least.

Instead, they seep sincerity and purpose. The songs may not be complex but the placement of accompaniment, the sweeping harmonies and the attack of the basic tracks themselves is what makes this album irrefutable. Recorded with producer Randall Dunn (Black Mountain, Sunn O))), Boris), No Witch hits harder than previous releases, and that energy seeps into the live show.

The Cave Singers “Black Leaf” directed by Sam Macon

The Cave Singers play December 11 at The Great American Music Hall. Doors are at 7:30, tickets are $15 and this show is all ages. The Builders and the Butchers provide main support.