Tenderloin breakfast staple Dottie’s True Blue Cafe is getting set for a new home as the restaurant will be taking over the space that held the Passion Cafe on 6th Street.

According to the Tender and the Tablehopper, owner Kurt Abney has been looking for a new locale since July. He has found that spot at 6th and Market which once housed the Passion Cafe.

The new spot, expected to open in mid-to-late December, will have double the amount of seats, not to mention an outside patio. It is still unknown when the current Dottie’s on Jones Street will close down.

The Passion Cafe was in the news a few months back when its owner was attacked in the neighborhood, causing him to want to close up shop. But the Mid-Market area is in the midst of revitalization, with the addition of Pearl’s Deluxe Burgers and Monarch, not to mention plenty of big tech companies moving in.



Photo Credit: The Tender