Last week marked the opening of SC Asian (170 O’Farrell Street), the centerpiece of Macy’s high-end foot court in Union Square. SF Station was on-hand to sample some of their eclectic entrees. Check out the highlights…

Ahi Tuna Poke: I’m always a fan of this perfectly-prepared Polynesian staple, but the chefs here kick it up a notch, layering copious quantities of fresh tuna and avocado between crispy wonton discs in a tower of deliciousness. It’s artfully garnished with ginger-lime dressing and sriracha sauce.

Pork Spare Ribs: One of the most unique and flavorful variety of ribs in the city, these finger-licking favorites fall off the bone with juicy tenderness. Choose between a sweet hoisin glaze or a dry rub that melds five spices, each one engineered to enhance the robust tanginess of the meat.

Thai BBQ Shrimp Tacos: It’s hard to imagine that you can get tasty tacos from an Asian fusion kitchen, but their masterfully-marinaded shrimp has a crave-able crispiness thanks to a home-made fried Roti Prata shell.

Sesame Chicken Fried Rice Bowl: The inventive menu at SC Asian is defined by it’s Pan-Pacific personality. One of the best ways to take it all in is by sampling their scrumptious rice bowls. I was particularly impressed by the authentic Chinese zest punctuating the Sesame Chicken–sweet, bite-size nuggets of crispy-fried goodness atop a bevy of traditional fried rice.

Beef Pad Thai: Offering a wide selection of noodles dishes–all of which are available gluten-free–the chefs cook up a particularly wicked wok-tossed Pad Thai, incorporating their own Thai Style sweet sauce into the mix.

SC Asian is the first of it’s kind to hit the West Coast and fast-casual fusion fare is sure to be a welcome addition to Union Square. With a well-thought out menu and sensational execution, holiday shopping just got a whole lot tastier.