Police raids have been happening across the country at Occupy encampments including in New York City, Portland and right here in the Bay Area in Oakland and San Francisco .

On Wednesday, protesters took to the streets of San Francisco, marching through much of the downtown area throughout the afternoon. But not before the group stopped at a Bank of America branch on California Street near Davis, with a group of about a hundred taking over the bank and setting up shop inside.

The group set up a tent, climbed on desks and furniture inside,kicked out employees and even used chalk to deface the property. Many inside warned other protesters outside the facility that if they were concerned about being arrested, they should leave.

Police quickly surrounded the B of A, eventually entering the bank to confront the protesters.

In total, 95 people were arrested inside, most going peacefully, although a few did resist.

It took over two hours to take everyone into custody.

Eventually, the large group that had gathered outside the bank made their way down Market Street, before gathering peacefully in front of the State Building .

Many eventually returned to the Occupy encampment at Justin Herman Plaza . Several tents were raided early Wednesday morning on Market Street nearby and San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee met with the group on Wednesday afternoon, expressing his disappointment in the conditions of the camp and ordering them to clean it up.



Photo Credit: KCBS reporter Doug Sovern @SovernNation