One of my latest street food finds is a new Asian fusion food truck that makes tasty bun-less sandwiches. The food truck is named KoJa Kitchen, short for Korean-Japanese. But none of the menu items are strictly Japanese or Korean.

Their signature item is the $5 KoJa “sandwich,” in which round toasted rice patties have replaced the bread. It seems like a clever reinterpretation of an Asian rice plate. Choice of fillings: Korean BBQ beef, Korean BBQ chicken or house-made vegetarian patty.

At first I was concerned that the rice patties might break, so I was careful when taking bites of my Korean BBQ beef KoJa. The rice patties held together relatively well. It was only after I had already eaten half, when it started to break. The beef was so flavorful, that I didn’t mind picking every last bit of food from my hands. Be warned that the meaty filling is very juicy, so a paper plate and extra napkins would be useful.

The mochi-misu dessert is another popular item. It’s a reinterpretation of Tiramisu, with morsels of house-made chocolate mochi, mingled in between the layers of mascarpone and soaked lady fingers. Plus a chocolate dipped strawberry on top for an elegant touch.

The truck is currently parked on 2nd street near Folsom, on Tuesdays 11am – 2pm. Follow the truck on Facebook or Twitter to get location updates.

Photo Credit: Luis Chong