Tomorrow night, RayKo Photo Center will host an opening reception for photographers and recent artists-in-residence Eric William Carroll and Susan Lynn Smith.

Carroll’s “Plato’s Home Movies” challenges the idea that a picture lasts a lifetime, instead focusing on the temporary nature of things. His 60-foot photogram mural was created by capturing light and shadows through trees in the forest on a light-sensitive blueprint paper that doesn’t keep a fixed image. Over the course of the five-week exhibition the image will fade until it becomes white space.

Smith’s “On Second Thought” is a collection of dark, surreal photographs that evoke uneasy feelings of abandonment. I checked out her portfolio and can promise this collection will make you feel like you’re the last person left on Earth, combing through suburban scenes and places you remember there being someone or something.

Photographer Carlos Arrieta will also be on hand to take your Tintype portrait for $45. Tintype portraits are created by an underexposed negative image processed on a metal plate. They were en vogue during the Civil War era, so you can’t get much more vintage than that. Whadup, new Facebook pic.

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