Big Freedia and Spank Rock brought booty and bass to the city this weekend just for the freaks.

On Friday night, New Orleans bounce queen Big Freedia, Baltimore duo Spank Rock and a couple opening acts hit Mezzanine for a night of sweat, sex and singing. The crowd was sparse and lacked energy for the first half of the show, making Pictureplane and Death Set’s performances seems a little lackluster.

The crowd perked up for the second half of the show which was much higher in energy. Big Freedia took the stage with her silky, smooth hair and back-up dancers who spent the majority of the show bent over—booty facing the crowd. The performance was upbeat, animated and mostly all about ass.

The crowd was excited to see the self-proclaimed Queen Diva in the flesh, sweating and bouncing with her dancers and responded in kind. People jumped, jammed and jiggled, even invading the stage to bounce SF-style. The thankless DJ had the most important job of launching back-breaking beats and flawlessly executing Freedia’s masterplan: make them dance.

Spank Rock followed with a fun but comparatively lower energy set with familiar songs the crowd clearly enjoyed like “Backyard Betty,” “Dance,” “Energy,” “#1 Hit” and “Shake That.” Whereas Big Freedia pumped energy into the room, Spank Rock borrowed from the audience and seemed to reflect the size and energy of the dwindling dance party.

The performance wasn’t disappointing, though. Spank Rock filled the venue with his music, danced around the stage and got the crowd to heartily join in with them. Although the show wasn’t the over-the-top rager it had the potential to be, the show was still a fun way to spend a Friday night.