Saturday was a huge day for Death From Above 1979 and MSTRKRFT artist Jesse F. Keeler. JFK followed up a memorable performance at the Treasure Island Music festival with Death From Above, with a remarkable DJ set at Mezzanine.


Opening for the MSTRKRFT DJ was a great psychedelic rock band named Chain Gang 1974 out of Denver, CO. Chain Gang put on a solid performance for a crowd that wasn’t expecting a live band to take the stage. They played a number of songs that pierced the crowd, creating a dance-happy environment. I’m confident they will make an impression on the music scene in the next 12 months.

Lead of Chain Gang 1974

At around midnight, JFK came out blasting, starting the night off with a fantastic remix of Major Lazer’s “Pon De Floor” that set the tone for the evening. Throughout the night JFK’s set mixed hard-hitting house and moombaton tracks with quality dubstep effects that enhanced the music instead of drowning it out or over powering it. He dropped enough MSTRKRFT to keep fans happy, including an original remix to the crowd favorite “Heartbreaker,” featuring John Legend. But it was a fantastic minimal house remix to the popular hip-hop/electro Watch The Throne track “Why I Love You” that took JFK’s set to the next level and displayed his brilliant ear for sounds and effects.

Below is a set from Chain Gang 1974 as well as a recently released MSTRKRFT track