The 5th Annual Treasure Island Music Festival kicks off this weekend for two days of awesome live music in the very center of the Bay. With all the dancing and frivolity involved, you’re sure to work up quite the appetite, so don’t miss out on the many delicious local vendors on-hand serving up their specialities.

Here’s a hitlist to help guide your way:

The Mission’s own Andalu (3198 16th Street) will be offering their crispy and delicious fried mac n’ cheese sticks–the same ones that killed it at Outside Lands this summer. The creamy, bite-sized wedges are panko-breaded and deep-fried, complimented perfectly by a spicy tomato vinaigrette dipping sauce.

The Nom Nom Truck will showcase their highly-acclaimed Southeast Asian fare including Vietnamese tacos and irresistible banh mi sandwiches.

Curbside Food Truck is going please the masses with their light and tasty Ahi tuna sliders. For a meatier appeal, they’ll be dishing out succulently braised beef short rib sandwich. But don’t forget about the vegetarians! They’ll be more than satisfied with the brie & sundried tomato pesto grilled cheese.

Sweetleaf Organics has an array of cruelty-free cuisine including their surprisingly delicious tempeh and tofu burgers.

Gourmet Faire will make you a believer with their sinfully-intoxicating, award-winning garlic crab fries.

Need a little pick-me-up? There will be myriad drink vendors with more than enough coffee, tea, frappes and smoothies for you to tweak out on. Desert Coffee Trader will have potent espresso drinks on-hand and How Ya Bean will feature a broad spectrum of their blended-smoothies in all sorts of speciality flavors.

For dessert, check out the gooey goodness baking up at Epic Cookies. If cupcakes are more your thing, Kara’s and Mission Minis will have you covered. Sift will also offer other crave-able confections like ice cream sandwiches, macarons and rice crispy treats.

Eat, drink and dance yourself clean San Francisco!