I have always wondered why there aren’t more wing places in San Francisco. But for those looking for a great spot, Wing Wings on Haight Street can fill your craving.

To me, chicken wing places are like a mix of bar food and tapas or small plates; they are great for a quick bite without completely stuffing you.

Opening in June, the small restaurant (about 15 seats altogether) has what you look for in a wing restaurant; a wide variety of flavors and sauces to choose from. From the milder Papalote Salsa and BBQ, to the spicier Buffalo to the flavorful Orange Miso and Angry Korean, there is a little something for everyone. While many people love the super-hot and spicy wings, others just can’t handle it so it gives people a nice option.

There are also some add-ons (bacon, chopped garlic, fresh chiles, chicarrones). Extras like bleu cheese and ranch are also available. Wings are priced fairly reasonably as well, 5 for $6, 10 for $10 and 25 for $23. Add-ons and extras are either 50 cents of $1.

The great thing is the shop doesn’t only specialize in wings. Items like chicken salad on a biscuit, biscuits and gravy, seasoned fries and a few salad options leave some possibilities for those not looking to get their hands dirty.

Wing Wings is also now offering both delivery and huge party packs, perfect for a get together or tailgate.

All the chicken Wing Wings uses is free range and naturally fed from California. Another great thing: all the sauces and items on the menu are made from scratch and you can really taste the difference.

The wings are really tasty and with so many options, you can go back and try something different each time. Wing Wings is located at 422 Haight Street and is open from 11 a.m. to midnight during the week (closed Tuesdays) and from 11 to 2 a.m. on Saturday and Sunday. A very welcome addition to the neighborhood!