After a week of light showers, heat has returned to the bay with a vengeance! Sunday happened to be a great time for my friend to have her retirement party at Drakes Brewery in San Leandro then. While I was there, I compared their German style beers and found their Blonde ale (read: Koelsch-like) to be especially pleasing.

This beer stays true to its style with a bright, clean golden appearance that’s topped with a white head. As the head disappears, the nose, grainy bitterness emerges with subtle honey undertones. The taste is similar to the smell, and the hops lent grassy notes backed by the mild honey-like sweetness. This brew is especially clean and refreshing with prickly carbonation and a low ABV appropriate for a hot days drinking. Drink this one to wash down fried goodies and mild nutty sheep’s milk cheeses.

Who can say no to a good Blonde? If you haven’t already tried this one and enjoy light beers with less hop-punch than pilsners, definitely put this on your to-drink list.

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