If you’ve happened to see the new cancer-comedy film 50/50, you may have wondered what Joseph Gordon-Levitt is listening to as he jogs through the streets of Seattle in the opening scene.

Meet the Jacuzzi Boys, a fuzzy garage-rock trio out of Miami Florida, and snappy dressers to boot as evidenced by their droll glamour shot obviously meant to make you nostalgic for middle school. They recently released a new album Glazin’ on Hardly Art to critical acclaim.

This jangly number, though, comes off a 7″ released on Mexican Summer last summer.  It has a tropical, Stooges-like feel that includes a hazy riff on the iconic “Lust for Life” bassline we’ve all heard a million times before, but it still makes for a timeless toe-tapping breeziness. It’s perfect background noise for a warm sunny afternoon, lounging down by the sleazy seashore or getting through those dreary early morning mid-week Muni rides.

Jacuzzi Boys – “Bricks or Coconuts”