Leap’s 28th Annual Sandcastle Contest, Northern California’s largest sandcastle building event, is being held at Ocean Beach in San Francisco this weekend.

The competition allows teams and individuals, many consisting of architects, engineers, contractors and designers and local elementary school students to let their imagination run wild.

Before the event, architects and builders meet with schoolchildren in the classroom to develop ideas based on a set theme. Plans are finalized, clay models are shaped, team structure and schedules are defined and tasks are assigned.

Last year, teams and sponsors helped raise $220,000. Those funds were used to serve over 6,500 students in more than 27 schools across the Bay Area with hands-on learning experiences in the arts.

While the event is a fundraiser, admission is free. It is really amazing to see some of the creations that the teams build.

The Sandcastle Contest takes place on Saturday, October 8 at Ocean Beach from 10-4.



Photo Credit: Cris Benton, via Flickr