Rising star Chaz Bundick, and leader of Toro y Moi, brought his band and electrifying sound to the Great American Music Hall for two nights this past weekend.

Chaz and his band appeared in front of a mixed crowd, from teenagers to fans in their mid-40s, all ready to be soothed by one of the most musically talented individuals on the scene today.

Toro y Moi’s music was perfectly reflected by the Great American Music Hall, with its crown molding throughout the balconies and the ceiling accompanied by a wave of trippy lights and a spirited performance by Chaz.

The band opened the night with “New Beat,” immediately setting the tone for the night. The beauty of his talents is that he has been able to transcend classification, and that is especially true during his live performance. Chaz’s music digs deep into your spirit and plays with your soul, as your body moves in anyway that feels appropriate. The only way I have come to describe his sound is beautiful and extraordinary.

After the show I got a chance to catch up with Chaz and ask him a few questions about his tour. Off the bat he was a very humble individual, pleased to chat and share hugs with the few fans that waited outside the concert hall to meet him. When I asked him which stop along the road has been his favorite, he quickly said “we were just talking about San Francisco being our best crowd so far”.