Keep your fall fun with October arts events that range from cool to downright creepy.

October 1 – October 29: ShEvil Dead

Works by Chris Duncan will be available at Passport 2011. Photo courtesy of San Francisco Arts Commission Gallery

Are you the type of person who sits in the “splash-zone” at whale shows? Perfect. The Primitive Screwheads wanna cover you in (fake) blood and severed body parts with their stage production of ShEvil Dead. The parody show features and all-female cast and is equal parts Evil Dead and Army of Darkness with demons, gore and more. More Info

October 6: You Look Familiar Photography Show

The San Francisco Arts Commission Gallery knows everybody likes to feel like they belong to something. In partnership with PhotoAlliance, the SFAC Gallery will display photographs from various Bay Area artists that seek to delve into what it means to be a part of a group or culture and the role familiarity plays in our lives.

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October 8: Your Deadly Desserts

Got a sweet tooth? Feast your eyes on Bay Area-based artist Scott Hove’s tasty but tough cake sculptures at the opening of his solo exhibit at Modern Eden Gallery. There will also be a group show called “Bite-Sized Monsters” set to feature small-scale works. More Info

October 11: Chuck Klosterman Reading

It’s been three years since pop culture critic Chuck Klosterman has tried his hand at fiction, but now he’s back and ready to get you thinking about the way we live our lives. Best known for his personal essays and smarmy commentary, Klosterman will hit The Booksmith in the Haight for the promotional tour of his second novel, The Visible Man. More info

October 14: Madlove

Swing by 111 Minna to catch some artwork by Rob Reger the creator of the awesomely gothic Emily the Strange character. Reger will also have collaborative works on display there with Winston Smith and Jim Dirschberger. Stick around after the exhibit for some live music performances by The Beehavers and Half Black, and a dance party with DJs Deepfro and Realboy. More Info

October 15: Richard Serra Drawings: A Retrospective

SFMOMA will exhibit the first-ever retrospective of Richard Serra’s drawings that trace his artistic and creative evolution dating back to the 1970s. And, because he is known best for his influential sculptures, there will also be a selection of some of his earliest works using rubber, lead and fiberglass. More Info

October 23: Passport 2011

Head down to The Castro to take part in the San Francisco Arts Commision Gallery’s 3rd Annual DIY art collecting extravaganza. Casual collectors can hit the block party where Bay Area artists like Michelle Tea, Chris Duncan and Dan Nicoletta will be there with original stamps to grace the pages of your customized passport notebook. Purchase a passport beforehand or snag one on the day of the event. More Info

October 31: Teatro ZinZombie

Elegance and pure evil meet on this evening for a ghoulish performance especially for Halloween. Get creeped out by the haunted cabaret, pull together your zaniest get-up for the costume contest and prepare to be devilishly delighted by the show. More Info