The band which never ceases to amaze, continues to do so anyway.

Last week The Flaming Lips released a six hour song titled “I Found This Star on the Ground.” Not to be outdone by anyone else but themselves, the group is now set to release a 24-hour-long song on Halloween this year at midnight. Strange enough right?

Not quite.

According to interviews with frontman Wayne Coyne, the band will put five recordings of the untitled song on hard drives and insert them into actual human skulls sold at a store in their native Oklahoma City called Skulls Unlimited.

The five skulls have already sold for $5,000 each and will be presented in decorative boxes. As for the song, Coyne stated “It’s a song about death and it’s a song about fucking and it’s a song about life.”

Below is a picture of one of the skulls and three parts for “I Found This Star on the Ground” to prepare you for the Halloween release.