Roger Feely, owner and chef of Soul Cocina, has been gone for a few months but has returned to San Francisco and is ready to cook up a feast!

Soul Cocina, known for robust and flavorful cuisine, can be recognized as one of the OG San Francisco street food vendors.  Feely started his cart in June of 2009 around the same time Magic Curry Cart, Creme Brulee Cart, and Lumpia Cart premiered their street delicacies.  Sadly, Feely left for Chicago in March of this year, taking with him his colorful tablecloths, foreign newspapers, and exotic spices.

But he’s back!

For one night only, on Thursday October 6th, you can once again have your fill of Roger’s food – inspired by Indian and Latin flavors before he departs San Francisco once again.  The 6-course menu is completely vegan, but if you desire, a non-vegan option is available also.  The one and only seating is at 7:00 at La Victoria Bakery.

The Menu:

  • Bhel Puri VEGAN
  • Wok Fired Shishito Peppers • Sea Salt for VEGAN
  • Sweet Potato Tortellini • Succotash • Smoked Corn Broth for VEGAN / add Pork Jowl for Non-Vegan
  • Platano Maduro • Slow Cooked Black Beans • Pickled Vegetables for VEGAN / add Queso Fresco for Non-Vegan
  • Organic Blue Corn – Pumpkin Huarache • Roasted Vegetables • Chile De Arbol – Pumpkin Seed Salsa • Mole Amarillo VEGAN
  • Coconut Tapioca • Farmers Market Fruit VEGAN

$42 for Vegan Menu / $46 for Non-Vegan Menu

Buy Your Tickets Here:

Be sure to catch Roger while he is still in the Bay Area!

La Victoria:

2937 24th Street b/t Florida and Alabama , The Mission, SF

Photos courtesy of Soul Cocina and Fred Briones