Before moving here, my San Fran friends bragged endlessly about the plethora of excellent farmer’s markets the city has to offer. I love avocados as much as the next person but sometimes talking about produce gets a little old. However, after stumbling upon Mission Community Market, held Thursday’s between 4-8pm, I decided it was time to join the cult. The cornucopia of heirloom tomatoes and squash blossoms blew my mind. Walking down Bartlett St. I admired the murals and watched as little kids danced to live music, feeling like a character in a really bad chick-flick. But admittedly and guiltily I loved every second of it.

On top of having fantastic produce Mission Community Market strives to, as noted on their website, be more than just a farmer’s market. Community-based organizations host a number of activities for kids.

History is on view as well on Bartlett Street. In 2004 two archeologists uncovered a mural concealed behind an altar at Mission Dolores, painted sometime between 1791 and 1796. Subsequently, local artists Jet Martinez, Ezra Eismont and Bunnie Reiss were invited to reinterpret the geometric designs based on the archeologists’ digital renderings of the mural.

This is a long-winded way of saying: if you have not had the opportunity to check out Mission Community Market, Go. Thursday’s between 4-8pm. Bartlett, between 21st and 22nd.