Mission District schools scramble to vaccinate students, a look at dining habits at Mission start-ups and the city puts the kabosh on free produce handouts.

Those are some of the headlines from the Mission Local blog.

District scrambles to vaccinate students… Nurses like Kathy Ward with the San Francisco Unified School District have been trying to set up clinics to vaccinate as many students as possible. That’s because last year, the California State Assembly passed a law requiring all 7th-12th graders to get the Tdap booster, which includes immunization for diptheria, tetanus and whooping cough. A district spokesperson said the efforts are paying off as about 90 percent of students have been immunized.

Food habits at start-ups… The Mission is no Silicon Valley when it comes to gourmet cuisine at its start-ups. Mission Local looked at the eating habits at 12 companies and found plenty of junk food but also lots of catered lunches as well. But overall, many employees want the freedom to delve into the many great spots in their neighborhood.

Free market could be done…. The Free Farm Stand, an urban farm and garden project, has been giving out free produce on Sundays at Parque Niños Unidos at 23rd and Treat streets since 2008. But according to founder Tree, the San Francisco Park and Recreation Department has asked them to vacate the park by October 15 after receiving complaints about the “negative impacts on the park.”



Photo Credit: Mission Local blog