A company that has never been afraid of change, Facebook introduced some fairly dramatic features to its website this week with more to come, leaving millions of users a bit perplexed.

Users who logged into their accounts this week found some new items on their page. It included a real-time “Ticker” on the right side of your page, which is very similar to a Twitter feed. It posts updates from your friends in real-time, whether they like a page, make a comment or post something on their wall.

Another new feature is the “Top Stories” and “Recent Stories” feature, part of the new look for a user’s News Feed.

Many users are complaining about the changes and just want their “old Facebook” back. But this is just part of the overhaul.

At the F8 conference in San Francisco on Thursday, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced the biggest new feature called “Timeline.” He said it will be a “digital scrapbook,” providing users with a way to “view the story of your life” by integrating stories shared, pictures they’ve posted, applications they are using and music they might be listening to. Facebook is partnering with several companies including Netflix, Spotify and the Washington Post on apps that encourage sharing content.

The question remains, will users eventually accept the changes? Facebook’s continuos tweaks have irked users in the past, but most have not been as drastic as this latest change. Will these changes make you switch over to Google+ or use Facebook less? Only time will tell.