On Friday night, Mad Decent producer Dillon Francis brought an incredible mix of house and moombaton to Manor West.

Dillon came out blazing with his first few tracks, controlling the crowd like a veteran DJ, rather than a 23 year old who’s quick rise to fame has surprised the entire EDM scene—everyone except Dillon’s good friend and Mad Decent domo Diplo. A few moments later, Dillon dropped his co produced hit with Diplo “Que Que”, throwing the crowd into one the biggest frenzies of the night.

Manor West’s “no rules, dance all over our sofas” mentality made it the perfect environment for a show that only got crazier as the night went on. Francis was literally so close to his fans I watched a few lovely ladies request a song by getting his attention and passing Dillon an IPhone; immediately Dillon dropped another one of his most noted tracks “Beautification.”

Dillon Francis has created an enticing sound that has become his signature and is quickly getting him recognized all over the EDM scene. His light flute snyths mixed with the Moombaton tempo creates a sensational, fun atmosphere that many producers strive for but have yet to master. Dillon is also one of the more humble DJs, and was very happy to interact and take pictures with his fans.

You can keep up with Dillon’s music on his Soundcloud page, which he updates often.