Undocumented students are waiting for the DREAM Act to be signed, San Francisco officials tell Mission drivers to slow down, a landlord’s plans for property on 15th Street are coming under plenty of scrutiny and the fight continues over proposed wireless antennas.

Those are just some of the headlines from the Mission Local blog this week.

The DREAM Act awaits governor’s signature…A group of undocumented students from San Francisco City College are anxiously awaiting the possible passage of the California DREAM Act. The bill would allow undocumented students to receive public funds to pay for college. Governor Jerry Brown signed the first part of the bill in July.

Slow down drivers… The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency is holding a public meeting on Friday over whether the streets around some Mission District schools should have lower speed limits. The schools in question are St. James, Edison Charter Academy, St. Charles, Marshall Elementary and Immaculate Conception.

Group housing project leaves residents miffed… A landlord’s plan to remodel and possibly house parolees at his 15th Street property on the corner of Albion has left several neighbors upset. Barak Jolish, the owner of the property, plans to renovate and lease it to the Recovery Survival Network, a nonprofit that manages nine single-room-occupancy hotels throughout the city. Nearby residents have filed an appeal to the permit, arguing that Jolish did not notify them of his plans.

San Francisco cellphone plan questioned… The fight continues throughout San Francisco over plans to build a network of wireless antennas around the city.



Photo Credit: Mission Local blog