This past Saturday in Fisherman’s Wharf marked the 8th annual Brews on the Bay Beer Festival and it was, as always, a raucous success. New to the event this year were several local foodtrucks, helping to bring some added flavor to the festivities.

To accompany the more than 50 San Franciscan craftbrews on tap that day, Doc’s of the Bay was parked directly on–well, the dock of The Bay, dishing out some tasty, organic, Black Angus griddled goodness. Their third-of-a-pound beef patties were smashed before they got too hot, sealing the carnivorous juices inside and preventing the burger from drying out like a more traditional smash-style burger. The chef uses an actual old-fashioned clothing iron to smoosh down the meat.

Another trick of the trade is that Doc’s puts finely chopped onions into their patties, adding an enhanced textural and flavorful component to each bite. Melt a little American cheese on top of that badboy, smear some special sauce into the mix, and sandwich it in between a soft, buttered Firebrand Bakery Challah bun and whamo–you have the ultimate on-the-go meal in one hand, washed down by a world-class, hop-laden IPA in the other.

Not a whole lot was missing from this equation. They even catered to the veggies with their black bean ‘burger,’ made with a black bean and corn patty, finished with a green onion aoili smothered atop melted pepper jack cheese. It smelled delicious, but I was way too drunk by that point of the afternoon to take vegetables seriously. Just kidding–I never take vegetables seriously.

Doc’s of the Bay can oft be found at Off the Grid, along with another Emeryville-based foodtruck parked on pier 45 last Saturday: Ebbetts Good to Go. Ebbetts specializes in artisanal-minded sandwiches and their special Brews on the Bay menu did not disappoint. In addition to a unique concoction involving harissa-spiced cabbage and fresh cilantro, Ebbetts was pleasing the crowd with their ham and cheese muffuletta. Served betwixt warm Acme bread, this tasty torta mixes organic, Niman Ranch ham with a robust provolone and a salty, housemade olivetta for a fulfilling iteration of Italian goodness. Doc’s and Ebbetts are in the city on the reg, and their respective offerings are constantly rotating, so if you couldn’t make it to Brews on the Bay, for the love of cheeses (and meat), go and get ’em while they’re hot off the press.