The highly anticipated second full-length album Father, Son, Holy Ghost from San Francisco’s very own Girls is available to stream in its entirety. The album drops September 13th on True Panther Sounds.

Father, Son, Holy Ghost is a 53:29 journey of sound and emotion, the kind we’ve come to expect from lead singer-songwriter Chris Owens. The record, like previous releases, retains the jangly sun-soaked guitars that produced Beach Boys comparisons (Honey Bunny, Magic) while showing immense progression with guitar sections that focus on the days of 60s rock n’ roll and psychedelia (Die, Vomit). “Love Like A River” features a gospel singer accompanied by organs producing an old-school soul  jam that could have been written for Aretha Franklin a few decades ago.

Lyrically the record is an introspective  deluge of life and love’s uncertainty and heartache. Owens’ signature soft melancholy vocals are  all over this album. However, even during the slowest of songs, including a few that breach the seven minute mark, the lyrics and the music fuse together to make a whole product worthy of reveling in.

What Father, Son, Holy Ghost lacks in standout singles it makes up for in overall composition. With the hype meter set so high, this album will be hard to ignore.

What do you think of Father, Son, Holy Ghost?