Post-rock instrumental quartet Signal Hill are back with “Van Gogh Sky,” a new track written and recorded from opposite coasts over one weekend for a split 7″ vinyl with All India Radio.

Signal Hill have been doing the long-distance thing since 2009, when guitarist Rishi Arora left Los Angeles to study in Scotland. They’ve traded digital tracks back and forth since then to keep the project going, and are now based equally in LA and New York.

The band builds layers of repeated, melodic guitar riffs reminiscent of Mogwai, Tristeza and The Album Leaf to epic and beautiful heights on “Van Gogh Sky,” which is every bit as mesmerizing as the 2010 DistanceEP and 2009’s More After We’re Gone.

Check it out below – and if you like what you hear, be sure to grab one of the 250 limited edition red vinyl copies.


Signal Hill, “Van Gogh Sky”