Saturday night’s alright for fighting the Soviet Union in a screening of Dr. Strangelove. Film Night in the Park will be showing Kubrick’s black (and white) comedy about nuclear warfare in Washington Square Park.

If you haven’t had a chance to enjoy a Film Night in the Park yet, get out there! This is the second to last film of the season. The movie will be projected outside on a big screen. Bring friends and snacks, or a date and a nice picnic. Sit on the grass or bring a blanket. But whatever you do, don’t fight in the war room (or bring a chair and block the view).

Stop worrying, love the bomb and come watch Dr. Stangelove on the “the big board.”

Dr Strangelove Screening

Saturday, September 10th

Dusk, (8pm ish)

Washington Square Park (Columbus Ave & Union St)



Photo credit: Gone Movie