Tea Way (2150 Irving Street) is a wildly successful Boba Bar in the Outer Sunset. Sure, local youngsters line up every day for their tapioca-spiked beverages, but the food specials are cheap and enjoyable for people of all ages.

You might never expect a place known for its unique, ethnic drink concoctions to produce some of the best–and cheapest–popcorn chicken in the city, yet that’s precisely what’s going on here.

This small, neighborhood hangout has gotten so popular that they are sprouting up a couple of brand-new locations within their same 2 block radius. What keeps people constantly coming back for more is the clever, buffet-style setup of their drink menu. Offering a number of freshly-chopped fruits and gelatins, you can scoop yourself out exactly what you want to custom flavor your Boba. This sweet, relaxing drink, also known as Bubble Tea, is always hard to resist. With plump balls of tapioca that you can slurp from the bottom, Boba is a playful elixir that always appeals to children.

But what appeals to me, as an adult, is good, cheap fried-chicken. And thankfully Tea Way has that too. Their crisp and delicious popcorn chicken is coated with some sort of Asian-inspired, spicy batter that gives it an innovative flavor, one that you want to enjoy over and over again. Best of all, these bite-size treats are overstuffed into a large paper bag, providing a filling snack for the unbeatable price of $2.99. I was so happy, I felt like a kid again.