Welcome to the weekly Bay Area Rapid Transit protest column. Another protest is scheduled for Monday night at 5 p.m. at the Civic Center station in San Francisco. But there is one difference this week.

Some of the organizers from the activist group Anonymous are upset at how previous protests have played out, feeling that the service disruptions and arrests are working against the actual movement.

This message was tweeted by @AnonyOps: “The conduct of attendees to the protests has been similarly counterproductive – Impeding station function and shutting down Market Street does nothing but turn popular opinion against our cause and provide the police with an easy way to vilify us in the eyes of the public. Straying outside of the immediate area of BART stations also places us within the jurisdiction of the San Francisco Police Department–against whom we have NO IMMEDIATE ISSUE.”

The author of the posting also said that they would prefer if protesters gathered outside the Civic Center station, handing out flyers with the group’s true message. “Let us be perfectly clear: THE BART OPERATION AND THE PROTESTS SURROUNDING IT SHOULD BE FOCUSED ON THE CONTINUING BRUTALITY AND UNACCOUNTABILITY OF THE BAY AREA TRANSIT POLICE,” it reads.

This is the third consecutive week of protests led by Anonymous.  Earlier protests have led to stations being shut down and last week, dozens of people being arrested. We’ll see if anything changes this week.



Photo Credit: Anonymous