Here’s your WTF video of the day: New York indie pop sextet The City and Horses get all shades of whimsical for “We Will Never Be Discovered”…orange shades, that is.

The track is from their sophomore effort of the same name, due out September 27 on Paper Garden Records. Singer/songwriter Marc Cantone has left the band’s twee roots (not to be confused with tree roots) behind on this one, opting for a Malkmus-meets-Cake mashup (yes, it’s as weird as it sounds) with flutes and saxophones thrown in over the simple bass/drums backbeat.

The video features French performance art duo le contremaitre et sa contremaitresse. But I don’t even know what this video is. Is it performance art? Is it an opium dream? Either way, see if you can spot the orange laundry hampers. They make at least two appearances.