More Protests, Dozens Arrested Near BART Stations

At least 40 demonstrators were arrested during the latest Bay Area Rapid Transit protest on Monday night.

In what is becoming a weekly occurrence, dozens gathered near the Civic Center BART station at 5 p.m. Waiting for them there was BART and San Francisco police, who began arresting protestors, claiming it was illegal to protest on a BART platform.

The protests then took to the streets as the group marched up and down Market Street, from the Ferry Building to near City Hall. During that time, they blocked traffic, set off fireworks and overturned garbage cans.

Both the Civic Center and Powell Street BART stations were closed off and on for well over an hour with trains passing through without stopping. Muni service was also disrupted in the area.

The loosely organized hacker group Anonymous has been the driving force behind protests over the last two weeks. The group has been upset over the killings of Oscar Grant and Charles Hill by BART police officers and the fact that the transit agency cut off cell phone service at stations in an attempt to quell a possible protest.

The group has already taken to Twitter, calling for a similar protest every Monday at the Civic Center BART station until they “get what they want.”



Photo Credit: @AnonMedics via Twitter