Merrill Garbus, the prized export of the Bay Area scene, has yet another notch to add to her rad belt. Ad-Rock of The Beastie Boys has remixed the song “Gangsta” off of her latest release Whokill, and it will be made available on a 12″ due out in late September.

“Gangsta” is already a stellar track. It has been the runaway hit of the warm season around here, with live performances of the song popping up left and right on YouTube, topped off with a performance of the track on Jimmy Fallon backed by house band The Roots.

Obviously this song has hit potential. People dig it and rightfully so, with its siren-like looped vocals, rhythmical percussion and dance-friendly, stripped down a cappella hooks, it is both relatable and refreshing. So, how do you fix something that ain’t broken? Turn it on its head.

Ad-Rock adds a whole new perspective to an already amazing track by both softening the lines but also adding a hardness employed by break-beats and syncopated speed manipulations. Ultimately, a master has undertaken the work of another master and the result is undeniably enjoyable.


The Gangsta 12″ single will be released on 4AD September 27th, 2011 and includes the original track, remixes by Ad-Rock and Cut Chemist, an instrumental version and an a cappella version. Pre-orders available here.