The annual trek to the Nevada desert known as Burning Man is coming up at the end of the month. And before you head off for the weeklong festivities, you may want to check out what one Bay Area company that focuses on catering and event planning has developed for your “foodie needs.”

Gastronaut co-founder Mirit Cohen has invented Playa Provisions, which are planned, portioned meals frozen into airtight bags. The meals are made fresh using local and organic ingredients and there are vegetarian options to boot. Once in the desert, it’s as simple as putting the bags in boiling water and serving up some gourmet cuisine.

Among the menu items: chicken adobo, pork posole, chicken and sausage gumbo, along with a number of breakfast and snack items. You can purchase them individually or in a package deal. The company also offers the tools you will need to carry and prepare the meals such as a butane stove and ice chest.

The meals can also be used for any camping trip or outdoor events you are planning and can even be cooked at home.

The deadline to order is Wednesday night (a minute before midnight) and items can be picked up at Gastronaut’s kitchen at 5919 3rd Street in San Francisco.



Photo Credit: Gastronaut