What’s going down in the Mission this week? The Dolores Park dilemma, a couple of arrests, scenes From “Valencia: The Movie”, and the pitfalls of red curb parking. You can find out about all this and more in this week’s Mission Local News

Here are the top stories:

Dolores Park, or Consensus Impossible…Are there too many cooks in this kitchen? At the rate this is going construction isn’t going to finish on Dolores Park until 2050. For more, go here.

The Red Curb: Sometimes it Lies…Did you know about these fake red curbs that businesses and residences paint in order to discourage potential parkers? Yeah, neither did I. For more, go here.

Fresh & Uneasy…What’s up with the empty De Lano’s market on 23rd and South Van Ness? Will Fresh and Easy ever be moving in? For more, go here.

Photo credit: Mission Local