You know how to speak Spanish, play trumpet and design a backyard garden, but you also need a lift to the airport next week. Instead of shelling out money for a shuttle bus, use your talents to get you to your destination. With a website called folks spend an hour doing something for someone else and in return, have someone else do something for them. Think of it as a Craigslist or Ebay, without spending a dime, instead you’re using your talents.

It works like most online networks.  Users create a profile, with a picture, bio and list of trades and services they can offer others. Common offers include music or cooking lessons, private yoga classes and home maintenance or repair. The time you spend on a service goes into a Time Bank.  One hour equals one dollar in the bank. With “money” in the bank, you can spend it on services you need, like that ride to the airport.

The website revolves around the concept of creating a strong community. Neighbors are helping each other out in areas where they most need it. As the network grows, the stronger it becomes. The more people who join, the more offers for unique talents or services.

Time banking is a national trend, but there is local website for people living in the Bay Area. Go to and you’ll find local services you might need. It’s a new website, but there are some good offers up right now. Like if you need your dog spayed…

Photo Credit: Mike Evans