San Francisco City Attorney Dennis Herrera has announced possible legal action over what he calls “deceptive advertising” by some of the city’s crisis pregnancy centers.

Herrera said that marketing from the First Resort facility in San Francisco is “nothing short of egregious.” He said the company lists itself as an abortion counseling service in print and Internet advertising, but its statement of purpose, as filed in state licensing documents, is to “build an abortion-free world.”

Herrera has sent a letter to First Resort asking them to stop the “misleading marketing.” If he doesn’t get a response, he said he will seek legal action.

Herrera’s announcement coincides with an ordinance introduced by San Francisco Supervisor Malia Cohen which would prohibit pregnancy centers from making misleading statements about services that are offered.

In a statement, First Resort CEO Shari Plunkett denied the claims. “First Resort rejects in the strongest possible terms any representation that our advertising misleads women,” she said. “We treat women with dignity and respect and respect their rights to choose.”

Plunkett invited both Cohen and Herrera to tour the facilities and said she is confident First Resort complies with local, state and federal laws.



Photo Credit: Canwest News, via Wikimedia Commons