That seems to be the question on everybody’s mind these days. As we near the November election in which the next mayor of San Francisco will be chosen, a decision by the city’s current mayor will likely determine the fate of the race.

When Mayor Lee was elected to replace former mayor Gavin Newsom, he told the Board of Supervisors that he had no intention of running for the position when his time was up in office. And since being elected as the interim chief, he has been steadfast in that answer. But over recent weeks, with persistent questions from the media and support growing from a “candidate-less” campaign, Lee seems to be wavering a bit.

Lee’s popularity as mayor continues to rise and groups like “Run, Ed, Run” and “Women for Ed” are urging him to throw his hat into the ring. And it’s not just the public; California Senator Diane Feinstein is also pushing for Lee to run. But he still hasn’t filed and the deadline for candidates is coming up on August 12.

The list of candidates includes current San Francisco Supervisor David Chiu, State Senator Leland Yee, City Attorney Dennis Herrera and Assessor-Recorder Phil Ting among others.

Whatever happens with Lee, it is sure to be an interesting few months in the San Francisco mayoral race.



Photo Credit: Run, Ed, Run campaign