Icee Hot’s end of the month party this Saturday offers headliners who have been tried and true in the development of the faster and funkier styles of house which came to be known as garage house. Todd Edwards and Marc Kinchen (aka MK) along with his brother Scottie Deep are a promising selection of artists who’ll throw it down like true veterans behind the decks.

Both MK and Todd Edwards emerged as prominent house producers whose penchant for sample usage made them known as remix masters. Marc Kinchen specifically is credited for coming up with the dub mix, and through this he kick-started the trend for creating sample collages that Todd Edwards mastered.

This was an important step for the popularization of instrumental electronic music, with dance music producers chopping up songs to fit a steady 4/4 rhythm or sped up two step which characterized the sound of garage in NY. Eventually this caught on in the UK, influencing the likes of artists such as Tuff Jam, Dreem Team and MJ Cole.

And if their reworks are this good, just imagine how effortlessly they’ll mix new and classic jams to keep you moving this Saturday night. For a closer sneak peak, check out MK and Scottie Deep’s XLR8R podcast here.

Todd Edwards and MK and Scottie Deep play Icee Hot at Public Works Saturday July 30. Entrance is $5 before 11pm and only $10 after.