Chef and TV personality Anthony Bourdain, who hosts the wildly popular Travel Channel show “No Reservations,” has a new venture up his sleeves for later this year.

Eater is reporting that Zero Point Zero, which produces “No Reservations,” is set to produce a new show, which will feature ten one hour weekly episodes. “The Layover” will delve into Bourdain’s hectic travels. “With only 24-48 hours in each city, he is pressed for time to show viewers the essential must see places, people and foods,” the Travel Channel said in a press release.

Travel Channel execs said Bourdain will “crack open the essence of each city, getting right to the marrow of every experience.”

The new show is scheduled to premiere in fourth quarter 2011, with trips around the U.S., Asia and Europe on the docket.



Photo Credit: Neeta Lind, via Wikimedia Commons