Red Vic Staff Says Goodbye


Last night’s staff gathering to commemorate the closing of the Red Vic was also a party to celebrate the establishment’s 31st year. Collective owners, staff members, volunteers, old friends, and neighbors gathered to watch films, snack, and chat.

Join the Red Vic in saying goodbye this weekend.

Red Vic collective member Sam Sharkey provided home-brewed Mosshead beer and Haight Street Market provided plates of snacks for the staff goodbye. Guests brought homemade dishes to share and bowls of the best theater popcorn in the city were handed out. Attendees took a break from chatting to make speeches and read letters from those unable to attend. The wooden church-pews were moved aside for dancing during screenings of classic films.

Join the city’s farewell and celebration of the Red Vic at this weekend’s annual birthday showing of Harold and Maude. There will be screenings of the classic Bay Area film through Monday night. Despite assistance from friends (there’s a plea for donations from Jonathan Richman posted in the lobby) and fundraisers held by the Red Vic’s collective owners, the Red Vic’s last showtime will be 9:30pm, Monday July 25, 2011.

Read memories of the Red Vic’s 31 years from the staff here and an interview with collective member, Claudia Lehan, here.


collective member, Sam Sharkey

a toast to the Red Vic


Red Vic’s collection of previews


looking from the projection room


serving the best popcorn in town


the Red Vic theater (photo credit: Alejandro Flores)

harold and maude

last picture show: Harold and Maude (photo credit: Alejandro Flores)

Julie Crossman takes photos and performs in SF, CA. Her photos can be found at Performances occur every third Sunday with The Absurdists at The Make-Out Room.


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  2. Such a bummer. Long live the Red Vic.

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