San Diego DJ Collective Sweet Cheeks travels north, bringing “future wife” sounds to the Bay Area for a sexy night of dancing at Madrone on Friday, July 29.

Sweet Cheeks, comprising of DJs Mawkus, Lady Hand Jams, and Awnode, bring on guests DJ Roza and Foniks to assist in heating up the dancefloor with a mix of funk, R&B, and general baby-making jams. We chatted about the crew while they serenaded me with a special Sweet Cheeks playlist, shared below.


So guys, what’s the story behind Sweet Cheeks?

Mawkus: We started in March at Til Two Club in SD, where the old Beauty Bar used to be. We vary the music up a bit but it’s all baby makin’ music to us. We like to call it “future wife.”

Awnode: The slow jams help set the mood we’re going for. Taking it back to the ladies just grooving on the dancefloor.

Mawkus: There’s so many spots around and DJs never seem to care about playing love music. With a lot of the beat shows or hip hop nights, DJs just play music that’s too hypermasculine, no one ever thinks of the ladies. Dancefloors full of dudes are boring.

Lady Hand Jams: Mawkus found me playing at a sushi spot playing more future beats, some of it on that lightweight sexual vibe. A lot of my influence comes from the LA Beat scene, the genre largely catalyzed by Low End Theory.


Please define “future wife.”

Mawkus: I guess it’s a way of describing the super sexually toned beats. When you think of love-centric dubstep called luvstep, it’s in that same mode of descriptors.

Awnode: It hits the love receptors.


You were all born and raised in San Diego, what made you think of doing a show in SF?

Awnode: I feel SF has more of a warm embrace to what we do.

Mawkus: There’s a lot of love in SF. That place is like a second home to me and I’ve been wanting to get the future sexual chocolate vibes up there.

I’ve always loved Madrone, it’s going to be a great spot for it. Also, DJ Roza is perfect for this as part of RSS Feed and Rocky Rivera’s DJ. She does a weekly in Oakland at Otis called Hotline Tuesdays and they just play soul and R&B.


Sweet Cheeks Playlist selected by Mawkus, Lady Hand Jams, and Awnode


Michael Jackson “The Lady in My Life”

Erykah Badu “Honey”

Miss Jack Davey & Blu “iFEEL”

Dwilt Sharpp ft. Lorett Fleur “I Need You Close”

Roy Ayers “Programmed for Love”

The Blessings “Keith Sweats”

Handbook “love you”

Onra “Girl”

knXwl3dG3. “(F∆ithEv∆nsHeartU)FerociousLittleBear84”

Beyonce “Party”

Terrance Martin & Devi Dev “Cum Baby”

JuSoul “LoveIntro(CantGetYouOutOfMyMind)”

DJ Mitsu the Beats ft. Ivana Santill “Playin’ Again”