Casey's Pizza

When East Coast native Casey Crynes moved to California about seven years ago, he realized that while there are several amazing things about our state, we do sort of lack in one department: thin crust pizza. So, the former web producer decided to make his own, and that’s how Casey’s Pizza was born.

Casey began by playing around with various recipes and serving the pizzas at dinner parties and catering events. He’d bring fresh ingredients such as basil, tomatoes and high-quality olive oil to the host’s house, and take over the kitchen.  Soon enough, Casey was encouraged to bring his pizzas to the masses so he tricked out a Little Black Egg (the old-school black Weber grill) which allows the pizza to cook at an ultra-high 850 degrees for a mere two to three minutes. This transformed the taste of the pizza, making it pretty close to the woodfired ones he remembered eating on the East Coast.

The first stationary gig for Casey’s Pizza was in the Mission, and soon he added Vinyl Wine Bar to his repertoire. Now, you can find Casey and the LBE every Wednesday night at the Upper Haight Farmer’s Market from 4-8pm. He’s in the process of getting his own food truck and starting in late August, you’ll be able to spot Casey around the Financial District during lunch.

The pizzas are thin crust and are cut into six slices, great for two to share (or three if you want to avoid food coma). The menu offers traditional styles like marinara, margherita and funghi, as well as creative offerings such as Yukon potato and broccoli rabe.

“We’re not trying to be fancy or pretentious,” says Casey. “We’re just respecting old-world craft, as it was made in Naples and old New York.” With a philosophy like that, you know Casey loves what he does, and he’s got the pizzas to back it up.

Casey’s Pizza





Photo Credit: Casey Crynes