Almost every time I want to try a new restaurant, I hit the web and start to surf. A few googles later, I’m emotionally drained, cranky, and hungry. The amount of information for urban diners (especially in a delicious city like SF) is just ridiculous.

There are websites to rate restaurants, share food-aphile photos, and muse and complain about any and every culinary whim you might have. While this is all useful and fun, it doesn’t really explain what’s in the dish, how healthy it is, and where to find the best version of it in the city. Digging this deep was never really an option . . . until now.

Introducing TopDish, a new way to find the best urban eats.

TopDish is a dish-centric user driven database that rates and ranks dishes in the city by ingredient and nutritional value. I was introduced to TopDish by a friend of mine and can honestly say it’s one of the most innovative food-finding tool I’ve found in eons. It ranks dishes in every category from deliciousness and healthiness to distance and price. They even work with restaurants to make sure they are accurately spotlighted.

Curious as to just how awesome this TopDish thing really is, while working at my fave WiFi café in Hayes Valley (Mercury Café!), I did a search for the best food around my current location. I was served up with delicious options including everything from Sneaky BBQ’s cornbread and Zuni’s burger (ahhh-mazing!) to the Gibraltar at Bluebottle and Galapagos cocktail from Absinthe.

The site’s freshly launched, so there’s still room for content to grow, but as soon as word gets out and dishes start getting ranked and categorized, I have no doubt that the city will have a new way to find the best eats in town.

If you’re a vegan, celiac sufferer, or just curious about where to find the best salmon eggs Benedict in the city, check out TopDish online and on your phone to find the answer to all your culinary queries. Bon-searching-appétit.