Who doesn’t like lists?  You might remember all the way back in the distant ether of 2009, GQ Magazine made a list of the country’s 25 best pizzas and SF’s own Pizzeria Delfina made it into the top 3. This week they racked up another accolade.

The Bay Area’s own ‘The Revolting Blog’ published their much talked-about list of the Top 20 Pizzas in the US…And wouldn’t you know it, Delfina reigns supreme as the Best in the West. Personally, their broccoli rabbe and sausage pie is easily one of my favorite flavors of San Francisco.

Disagree with the findings of this controversial blog? Make your own list! This is the blogosphere, people–Democracy rules, unless you’re in Taiwan, in which case you probably wanna keep your opinions to yourself.  Here’s looking at you, Delfina: