A new Trader Joe’s store will be opening at the corner of California and Hyde streets, replacing the Cala Foods at that location.

According to SFoodie, “real estate development company Prado Group is renovating the existing store with a plan to open Trader Joe’s by mid 2012.”

Cala Foods was scheduled to close late last year, but the store was able to extend its lease. It has been operating at the location for more than 50 years.

The renewed lease officially expires at the end of this year, but employees and management aren’t exactly sure when the store will close. Store manager Jeff Barrett told SFoodie that the only thing he could say is that “it will close sometime between December and January.”

Renovations are expected to start early next year and last six months, meaning residents in the area will be without a nearby grocery store during that time. Representatives from Prado Group have not set a date for the Trader Joe’s to open.

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Photo Credit: Francinegirvan, via Wikimedia Commons