Barry Bonds has asked a federal judge to overturn his conviction on the only count of which he was found guilty during his federal perjury trial in April.

A jury found the former Giants slugger guilty of obstructing justice by giving evasive testimony in 2003 to a grand jury investigating the Bay Area Laboratory Co-Operative, or BALCO.

Bonds’ lawyers are arguing that a statement the trial jurors identified as evasive was rambling, but not untruthful.

The motion, which was filed on Wednesday, asks for either an acquittal or an order for a new trial on that count.

At his trial in April, the jury deadlocked on three other charges that he lied to the grand jury about steroid use. A mistrial was declared on those charges and a trial date could be set at a July 1 hearing, unless prosecutors decide not to retry Bonds.

Bonds is one of 11 people indicted in connection with the BALCO investigation on charges of illegally distributing drugs or lying in connection with the probe.



Photo Credit: A1C Charles Beutler, via Wikimedia Commons