Get ready for a WTF moment. After early footage leaked months ago and caused a stir on the Internet, the final cut for Kanye West’s “Monster” video is finally out.

Never one to shy from an opportunity for controversy, Yeezy is back at it with dead models, zombie cannibals, and an S&M-inspired scene with Nicki Minaj. It’s one of the best tracks off of My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy — one of the best albums of 2010 — and the video holds up to the generally twisted lyrics from Kanye, Minaj, Jay Z, and Rick Ross.

Between this and the over-the-top carnage from Wolf Gang, we’re reaching new levels of hip-hop gore in 2011. Probably not the best for thing for the kiddies, but certainly better than the tired rhymes about whips, cash, and ladies that get more mainstream play. Click the below image to access the video on Kanye’s site: