The Apache Relay’s new album, American Nomad, is the perfect selection for anyone who refuses to categorize their musical tastes by genre. It’s an amazing mix of motown, country, rock, soul, and acoustic influences that make you feel free to like whatever you please.

This Nashville-based quartet, led by lyricist Michael Ford Jr., has a great talent for evoking emotion and providing a jam-band boogie sound that fits perfectly during festival season. It’s no wonder they were invited to close out one of the stages at the Bonnaroo music festival this weekend in Manchester, Tennessee.

“American Nomad,” the hero song from the album, has some beautiful highs and lows and carries you through a patriotic adventure that ultimately has you dancing at the end. (They sound a bit like Mumford & Sons in this one, which can’t be a bad thing.) “Lost Kid” starts slower and peaks into a breezy chorus, while “Power Hungry Animals” gets soulful with raspy, yearning vocals and a slow-pulling power that makes these guys both relatable and heroic at the same time.

If you’re into bearded musicians who look great in plaid, or just any music that lifts your spirits, check out The Apache Relay here and listen to a few of their new jams below.

“American Nomad”

“Lost Kid”

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