With a goal of keeping San Francisco “safe, solvent and successful,” Mayor Ed Lee has released his proposed budget for the next fiscal year, which he said closes the city’s $306 million deficit.

The $6.83 billion budget is now in the hands of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, who will have to give final approval to the spending plan by the end of July.

“This proposed balanced budget is about building a foundation to keep San Francisco moving in the right direction and keeping our City safe, solvent and successful,” said Lee. “While our economy is stabilizing, we must continue to steer the City back toward long-term, fundamental financial health.”

Mayor Lee’s plan includes more than $106 million in reductions to city departments, including more than $31 million from the Department of Public Health and nearly $26 million from the Police Department. Despite the cuts, Lee said the budget plan does not include major layoffs or cuts to vital services.

“While our budget and economy are beginning to rebound, this budget includes a number of difficult decisions and sacrifices. We are not expanding programs—we are scaling back and fighting to keep services stable” he said. “We cannot forget that we are asking for real sacrifices from our City employees and their families to restore stability to the budget, and once again they have stepped up to help their city.”

The budget grew by $266 million compared to the current year due mainly to a growth in employee pension and benefit costs, major infrastructure investments and state and federal mandates.

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Photo Credit: Ed Lee, via Flickr