This Thursday, The Summit is proud to present If It Fits in the Backpack…10 Years On the Road with Mochilla, featuring the photography and film of B+ and Coleman. Photographers to some of the most iconic figures in contemporary music today like A Tribe Called Quest, Lauryn Hill, and more, they are also known for their brilliant work in films such as “Timeless” and “Keepintime,” which explore the influences between today’s producers and DJs and their connection to the music of the past.

Tomorrow will be the opening reception from 7 – 11pm at The Summit, with B+ and Coleman both in attendance with an exclusive Q&A plus screening session along with some special guests DJs. Their gallery show will run through the 30th, featuring their collected and collaborated photography and videography made over the last 10 years. However, if you can’t catch them on Thursday, both B+ and Coleman will also be DJing at SOM. this Friday, June 3rd for their all Brazilian party, Braza!